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The go-to booking platform connecting parents and kids with trusted sports coaches in Singapore

CoachRadar was founded with a mission: to promote a holistic upbringing in children.

Both of our Founders experienced the instrumental role that sports played in helping them build critical skills beyond the classroom since young - such as building confidence, discipline, teamwork, as well as developing lasting friendships and networks. The pair of lawyer and banker turned entrepreneurs duo firmly believe that sports is pivotal in the the success they found in their careers.

Led by our conviction that cultivating a well-balanced upbringing is essential for children, we created CoachRadar with a simple goal in mind: to make it simple for parents to find trusted sports coaches.

As part of our mission, we curate the coaches that we partner with. We choose to only partner with certified and experienced coaches who can create a fun and nurturing learning environment for your child.

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CoachRadar FAQs

For Customers:

1. What is CoachRadar all about?
CoachRadar is a web-based platform that aims to simplify your journey to find great sports coaches for your kids. Parents can discover trusted and certified coaches on CoachRadar. Once you have identified the right coach based on sport, price, location, and other preferences, you are able to request for lessons via our platform.

2. Are coaches on CoachRadar reliable?
We choose to partner only with experienced and certified coaches. Coaches are required to submit their identity documentation and proof of their certifications during the application process. We also carry out rigorous search within the public domains to verify their information.

3. How much does CoachRadar charge me for its service? We do not charge our customers a single cent! All prices shown and paid by you are the rates of the coaches. To sustain our platform, we charge a service fee from our coaching partners instead.

4. What should I do if I require more information on the coach?
Kindly reach out to us at hello@coachradar.co with your questions and we will assist to obtain the information you seek.

5. How will I know if my lesson booking is confirmed?
After you have made payment for a lesson package, you will receive an email confirmation of your booking with the lesson details included. If you do not receive this email, it might have gone to your spam folder. You can also log into your account on our website and view your confirmed booking details in the “Bookings” section. Otherwise, please reach out to us at hello@coachradar.co and we will provide you with the details.

6. Can I change the day or timing of the lessons?
After you have made payment for a lesson package, the contact details for the coaches will be shared with you. Changes to the dates, timing and frequency of lessons can be discussed directly with the coach, subject to his/her approval.

7. Can I cancel the lessons after I booked or paid for it?
Lessons may be cancelled only before payment is made. After payment is made, we strongly encourage students to continue with the lesson package. Changes to day, timing and frequency of lessons can be discussed with the coach (subject to his/her approval).

For Coaches:

1. What is CoachRadar all about?
CoachRadar is a web-based platform that helps sports coaches find new students in Singapore. We conduct extensive online, offline and event marketing to help you grow your coaching business.

2. How do I sign up?
You can register with us at our Become a Coach page. After signing up and verifying your email, the next step will be to create your coach profile. Once we receive your application, we may contact you if we need any further information. When your coach profile has been approved, the final step is to create your lesson packages. Once these are set up, you are all ready to accept new students!

3. Why does CoachRadar require my identification documents? Identification documents are for verification purposes as we want to ensure a safe community for all CoachRadar users.

4. Why does CoachRadar require my bank account information?
This is to enable us to transfer payments to you. This is an optional field in the coach application form and you can choose to furnish this detail later if you prefer. If so, please remember to update this field once you get a new student via our platform so that we can transfer payment to you.

5. What is CoachRadar’s service fee?
It is free to list with us. We believe in being fully aligned with you, so we do not charge you a cent till we find you a new student. Once we find you a new student, we charge a one-time service fee of 12.5% of your lesson package price (this is our current promotional rate). This service fee helps to sustain our platform and enables us to continue marketing and finding you new students.

6. What is the lesson package price?
The lesson package price is the number of lessons multiplied by your rate per lesson. For example, if the number of lessons in the package is 4 lessons and the rate per lesson is $50, the lesson package price is $200. You are free to set the number of lessons and your rate per lesson when creating your lesson packages. However, kindly note that the minimum number of lessons in a package is 4, as we feel this is the minimum number of lessons for new students to be acquainted with you and your coaching methods.

7. What is the difference between a pre-scheduled and private lesson?
Pre-scheduled lessons are group classes that are recurring at the same time and day each week and new students can join an existing class. Private lessons are one-to-one or small group classes that are conducted at the timing, day and location of the customer’s choice.

8. What is the payment process?
After your first lesson with the customer, payment for the lesson package (less the CoachRadar service fee) will be transferred to the bank account that you have provided us.

9. Can customers cancel their package?
Once the customer has made payment, our policy is that there should be no cancellation for the lesson package booked via CoachRadar. However, you and the customer may agree otherwise separately. Kindly note that any service fee paid or payable to CoachRadar is not refundable in any event.